Tourism In Lombok: Travel Guide To Lombok

Travel Guide To Lombok


Tourism In Lombok: Lombok is slightly smaller than the Bali (an area of 300.5 km2, contains a wide range of natural attractions and outdoor activities to suit travelers more adventurous. Main tourist areas are in Senggigi on the west coast, the islands of Gili off the northwest coast, the quota on the southern coast

Lombok surrounding beaches are pristine, with net clean water bordered by long stretches of sand are usually shadowed by coconut palms. West Mntqhkhaddra leafy island, especially with a series of beautiful bays covering the entire coastline and islands of the beautiful Gili at hand. The south coast is more impressive: long extended tracts of empty beaches, cliffs and coves facing the vast oceans that provide some of the best surfing in Indonesia

For those seeking to see the authentic cultural experiences, and the ancient traditions of the people of the local Sasak, without hindrance to a large extent from external influences, what is fascinating is not the end. Sasak and still live in traditional villages, craft agriculture, fishing and handicraft production. Colorful dance and music festivals are an integral part of local life and not on stages for tourists. We are exported pottery made in Lombok, which are manufactured in a simple wooden ovens, to all over the world


Places to visit in Lombok
Gili Islands
Geely three islands – Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan – located off the northwest coast of Lombok. For years attracted visitors from around the world to clean water, diving great diving, as well as many of the cafes on the seashore, and the magic of relaxation, with no cars, motorcycles, dogs and not to disturb the tranquility. Tropical island and is considered suitable for amateurs quiet a long time, Gillis must be on an equal footing with other Asian havens such as the coast of the island of southern Thailand and atolls in the Maldives. Although the area had already reported their backs, Gili Islands now attracted a variety of visitors, from diving enthusiasts and families and couples of all ages

Rinjani National Park
At an altitude of 3,726 m higher sea level and the second largest volcano in Indonesia annually attracts thousands of adventurers and climbing enthusiasts.

Huge crater near the summit with a crescent-shaped beautiful lake, there Osgrmen volcanic cone of Gunung Baru Jari, jutting out from one side of the hole. There are a number of small caves, waterfalls and hot springs scattered around the volcano, most important of which is on the north eastern side of the hole, where it is said that the volcanic hot water for the treatment of diseases, particularly skin diseases. In 2004, he won the award for the Trek World Heritage prestigious lists internationally volcano important as a destination for eco-tourism

The best hotels in Lombok

Coconut Kottaj


Tel: 0370-635 365

Perhaps the best place to stay on Gili Air is the coconut huts in a shady place and each cabin includes hot water and air conditioning and a beautiful garden and one bedroom.
Togo Lombok
Sire Beach, Tanjung


Tel: 0370-612 0111

Hotels, owned by the family of Fabulous, completely filled with antiques and artifacts. The lobby is a 100-year-old building that was moved here. There are single-storey villas and suites, in addition to a swimming pool. And include hotel for visitors yoga and meditation activities, hire a bike and boat trips special.

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