Tourism In Lombok: Three Guelleh

Three Guelleh In Lombok Islands

Tourism In Lombok: Are islands or small Thus name means in the language Indonesian old and one of the top attractions in Lombok considered Guelleh Islands are a destination Alaktar popular for visitors from all countries of the world, those islands and play an important role in tourism Indonesia in general and Lombok in particular, after that was tourism those ancient islands are limited to recreational means limited due to the primitive inhabitants of those islands have become far more sophisticated and more luxury than ever before during your trip where you will find a lot of choices that will make your trip more enjoyable

Since the island has a large range of different coffee shops in addition to restaurants offering local cuisine famous for the people of these islands, and is considered the islands of the best places you can go to them for recreation where it is distinct from other special places of beach tourism, it was far from the bustle of the city and car exhausts and motorcycles that might sour the Astjmamk

In addition to a large group of dive companies that will allow you to dive into another world of beauty and beautiful landscapes in the deep sea and watch the rare fish to those islands and clear waters that will make your trip a tour unforgettable, it mentions that there is a lot of Alaurbin origin population decided to stay at those Because of its charming nature and picturesque islands





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