Tourism In Lombok: Sngiji Amazing Beach

Sngiji Amazing Beach In Lombok Indonesia


Tourism In Lombok: Sngiji Beach is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Lombok, Indonesia. Beach waves are not great already, a long line of beautiful beaches with sand shades of black to white. Amazing !
Visiting many foreign tourists Sngiji Beach West Omburk area. Most of them prefer to spend their time in swimming and sunbathing
What makes this remarkable is the beach along the coast. Along the eye can see, it will serve the tourists the beauty of clean lines for beach Sngiji. There seems to be characterized, as Sngiji beach is not completely white nor black, but combines both
Sngiji sea water pure and clean. Waste is lacking. In fact, tourists can see the fish that swim freely on top of the surface of the sea along. Coral reefs on the coast are also protected. Be sure not to Tvoatk natural elegance under the water when you visit the beach Sngiji.
Bring your snorkeling equipment, snorkel in the world under Sngiji water. Be a witness to the beauty of what Sngiji under the water did not contaminate the hands of ignorant people
Sngiji more fun in the afternoon, just before sunset. You can see the gradual disappearance of the sun to hide from afar. At first look sunny sky, reddish Btalv. The sun starts to go down slowly and disappear, leaving the darkness. Behind white clouds, find the sun and Catch them Tsourik machine. Nothing is perfect!
If you’re curious about the beauty of this coast, travelers can start from Lombok International Airport to the west of Lombok. The journey takes about two hours. Although after the flight, all scenes of beauty will pay

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