Tourism In Lombok: Lombok Tourist City Rival City Of Bali Indonesia

Lombok Tourist City Rival City Of Bali Indonesia

Tourism In Lombok: Lombok city was able in recent years to get more attention and proliferation in tourist circles as the city considered the traditional alternative to the city of months in Indonesia – City Bala- Wali located nearby


Lombok shares rise in Indonesian Tourism Bourse comes due to the abundance of safety and tourism activities in the city, such as the wide beaches and diving places and volcanic mountains and many charming landscapes
Inhabit the majority of the tribes Muslim Sasak city of Lombok, where the proportion exceeds 90% of the total population and their natures and habits and culture of their own language, and the name “Lombok” himself. The various in meaning there are those who believe that it means “sauce” warm spicy, while others think it means “integrity” and both concerned raised him confirmed by the nature of the city and its customs
Featuring “Lombok” for its neighbor months – the city of Bala- they are still primitive city is fairly unspoiled commercial activities, tourism and congestion, which may reduce the beaches and enjoy the sights and tourist attractions


The local culture of the inhabitants of “Sasak” is still prevailing in the place and even commercial transactions and daily activities going according to the old traditional systems without the intervention of modernity and its problems in lifestyle
Lombok city receives visitors throughout the year where the climate has the usual qualities in most Indonesian cities where the weather is hot and dry with the possibility of the fall of the airport at some times of the year
The best tourist seasons ever it is the dry season which starts from June and ends by the end of February, while the peak season in the months of July and August or December and January, a period when the rain stopped allowing greater activity for tourists
Perhaps some tourists keen to set the dates of his visit to Lombok to agree with some of the important events taking place in the city, such as “Fish Festival” who during the months of February and March


Of the famous sights in Lombok Beach “Mayon”, which is attracting tourists seeking tranquility and privacy Vahati not meant a large number of tourists so the person can get the special places for recreation and enjoy the blue waters and soft white sand
Of the famous tourist destinations in Lombok Falls “Sindanj Gila” and whose name means “waterfalls crazy” and is one of the most beautiful places manner characteristic of the rise and wonderful scenery.
As well as lovers can shop handicrafts and souvenirs to visit the village of “Disa Sukarana” where there are a large center for weaving and weaving traditional methods and is characterized by prices being lower than anywhere else in Lombok

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