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Diving Tours In Lombok Island

Tourism In Lombok: Lombok is one of the small islands, which are located near the eastern Bali and characterized the island sands soft white and clear waters turquoise The island waters transparent of the best places to dive in Indonesia and diving, especially in Lombok unique experience where you will see the world of wondrous uniquely beautiful marine Bkainath colors magnificent, such as seahorses and fish frog fish and manta and stingrays and green turtles and large fish amidst natural beauty manufactured by the beautiful coral reefs colors so they are very beauty and fun experience
Also located on the island are many companies that offer training dives carried out by local trainers are competent where you by giving you permission
Diving or provide you with one of the divers to roam in the deep sea Alanjunsah distinctive Its best-known companies that you can turn to them to enjoy one of the trips diving exceptional in Lombok Island Dolphin Company, one of the best equipped companies with the latest diving equipment conforming to international standards and built many of the diving day trips and offers companies Offers various discounts on diving trips as companies providing diving trips away from the risk to enjoy spending quality time in its waters, which includes a distinctive set of maritime treasures and there is diving sites near many of the chalets or resorts that you can relax after diving trip unique




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