Tourism In Lombok: About Lombok Indonesia

About Lombok Indonesia

Tourism In Lombok: Biting information on the Lombok: If Bali is reputed to be the country of a thousand temple van Lombok may also reputed to be the country of a thousand mosques this island is part of nusa tanggara barat and its capital Matram and predominantly Alssak next Alboukaan and Javanese and Albaliyn and Arabs


Senggigi most beautiful beaches is the beach where you can enjoy a dive into the sea to see the coral reefs.
Distinctive resorts in Lombok:

Holiday Resort Lombok

Senggigi Beach, Lombok Indonesia
Phone: +62 0370 693444
Fax: +62 370 693092, 693094

the prices
Frankly Iajmap prices in the top of magnificence
Start at $ 50 depending on room views to $ 85 for the two-bedroom suite with breakfast of course, it will be cheaper than in the Indo offices

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