Tourism In Jakarta: Travel Guide To Jakarta

Travel Guide To Jakarta

Tourism In Jakarta: The ratio for the majority of the population, Jakarta is a dream city. The temptation to get jobs and a better life may cause an increase in the city’s population to increase at an alarming rate, to more than 10 million people. Jakarta city of skyscrapers, apartment buildings, shopping centers and roads Aseraah- with a few green spaces to break things up. The largest city in the country, and cultural life is rich, with an abundance of Performing and Visual Arts.

Places to visit in Jakarta

Sunda Kelapa port

The history of the city in an old spice trade. Early morning is the best time to walk along the 2 kilometers between the prows, corridors and watched one of the last commercial sailing fleet remain in the world. Scenes full of romance of a bygone era, watching the unloading of the goods from the majestic wooden masts built by sailors from the South Sulawesi people.

Sunda Kelapa surrounding area is rich in history, and the best way to see the area is on foot. Near the river stands the Dutch tower (Uitkik), which was built on the original site of the customs Jakarta. Behind the tower there is a two-storey structure dating back to the times of VOC and is now a maritime museum, built by the Dutch in 1646 and was used to store coffee, tea, Indian cloth. And displays many coming from all parts of the Indonesian archipelago traditional crafts, as well as some old maps of Batavia at home.

Old town

Kuta was established in 1620 in the old walled city of Batavia as the same shape as the city of Amsterdam

Most Battafaahedmt at the beginning of the 19th century only survived the demolition Taman Fathallah field was restored and renamed Taman Fathallah (Fathallah Square). Three of the colonial edifices surrounding converted into museums, buzzing arena at the end of the week with artists and food vendors, and you can rent a bicycle-style Old to wander by.

Museum Sejarah Jakarta (closed for renovations until 2014 Jakarta History Museum) has been completed its inception in 1710 was formerly the city council and the seat of successive governments until 1960. It has now definitely a souvenir from the colonial era in the 18th century, especially the furniture and pictures of VOC rulers, side by-side with many of the artifacts of prehistoric.

Seni Rupa Museum

(Fine Arts Museum) previous court occupies building of Justice, which was completed in 1879. The collections include paintings, sculptures, art Indonesian modern and an important exhibition of porcelain rare, featuring many pieces of celadon sung by Adam Malik group, and water jugs ancient Javanese (kendhi), and cutting pottery dating back to the 14th century.

The Freedom Yard

It was constructed) obelisk of marble, up 137 m in the center of Merdeka Square (Freedom Square).

Independence Mosque

(Independence Mosque) in Jalan is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia.

the National Museum

On the west side of Merdeka Square lies one of the greatest cultural treasures in Indonesia, the National Museum. Known as Gajah museum because of the bronze statue of the elephant in front, made by King Chulalongkorn of Siam, it was opened in 1868 by the Association Batavian of Arts and Sciences – the first scientific organization in the Asia-colonial, which was founded in 1778. The museum contains valuable collections of artifacts and books and ethnographic artifacts acquired by the Dutch during the centuries 19th and early 20th. And include things that concern Hindus and Javanese like stone statues, gold and bronze from the prehistoric Chinese porcelain. Group is located in the Treasure Room – an enormous treasure of heirlooms Indonesian property. Ceramic room boasts the largest collection of ceramic Southeast Asia under one roof.

The best hotels in Jakarta

And Darmawanjdzisa

Jl. Brawijaya Raya NO.26


Phone: 021-725 8181


The hotel design boutique with only 100 rooms, a third of them suites. High level of luxury, with precious artwork all the time. Restaurant Sriwijaya drama combines Western taste and presentation with local ingredients and traditional flavors of Indonesia.

Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Jl. Jend M.H. Thamrin, enough. 28-30


Phone: 021-2992 1234

Considered the best in Jakarta this sophisticated hotel, sits above the center of Plaza Indonesia. Excellent service and great restaurants.

Alila Jakarta

Jl. Pecenongan, enough. 7-17


Phone: 021-231 6008

Boutique hotel with a modern four-star – large rooms that will attract young executives and city dwellers. There is a fitness center in an excellent location.

The most important restaurants in Jakarta


Jl. Raden Saleh No. 47


Phone: 021-315 0646

Full form of colonial elegance old-world restaurant.


Jl. Kemang Raya, No. 17


Phone: 021-719 4826

Exquisite dishes of West, Central and East Java, who served in the typical style house Yogyakarta. Gamelan music whirring in the background while you share of your food.

VOC Galangan cafe and restaurant:

Jl. Kakap, No. 1


Phone: 021-667 0981

Jakarta Foundation in the old Dutch warehouse is located off the bazaar Icahn Maritime Museum. It provides food Cecchelhmn Indonesian and Dutch.

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