Tourism In Jakarta: Textile Museum

Textile Museum In Jakarta

Tourism In Jakarta: A collection of textiles from the museum across the islands of Indonesia and located in Jakarta in Indonesia has been built in the early nineteenth century and is based on the French style, a luxury building and too technical in the June 28, 1978 the building was opened as a museum of the fabric

The museum displays traditional types such as weaving and batik CAT and Albilanja also contains textile manufacturing tools necessary for the production equipment also includes thousands of traditional decorative textiles

This is an educational institution and cultural museum of his mission to preserve the traditional weaving any preservation of national heritage as the textile is an important part of Indonesian life and constitute a rich culture of the Indonesian side and how the development of manufacturing skills

On the back side of the museum there is a very nice garden and there are saved some plants that go into some of the coloring of textiles is a natural pigment and sometimes is used to dye synthetic but this shift in the dye used in the coded does not diminish the beauty of the Indonesian Textile

Behind the building you will also find another building gives you attend several activities Trek how to weave batik (batik type of weaving his designs and colors are brilliant and artistic forms and a lot of Alondonisan to wear on special occasions Khflat wedding)

If you’re a fan of the presence of such activities, join them and after you are done you will find next to souvenir shop and there you payments for some Ahudaa to Ohpetk related to you and to keep the memory of this remarkable journey

Open dates:

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 AM – 22:00

entrance fees:

A reminder of the price of entry to the museum for adults: 5000 Rs.

Children: Rs 2000

And is available inside the museum tour guides in English

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