Tourism In Jakarta: Shopping In The Oldest Streets Of Jakarta


Jalan Surabaya’s Oldest Shopping Streets In Jakarta

Tourism In Jakarta: Each of the preceding Les visit to the city of Jakarta, capital of Indonesia should recommend a visit this unique street between the streets of the capital, very name of Jalan Surabaya (Surabaya Street) has been associated in the minds of tourists and visitors to Indonesia in history, art and souvenirs distinct addition to local products that represent the culture and natures of the Indonesian people.

Jalan Surabaya is located (Surabaya Street), which is known among tourists and local residents in the antiques market “Menteng” area, which in turn is located in the middle of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, making it in a place easily accessible from anywhere within the city.

Lined with stalls of wood in the street entrance and where tourists will find the requested artifacts such as shop “Wayang”, ceramics, wood carvings, masks, silverware and copperplate, antique lamps, metal gifts, ornaments and old fashion, and hand-woven fabrics, and many Kalfongraf older devices and phones, and others.

There are also inside the Jalan Surabaya (Surabaya Street) specific stalls selling local products that symbolize the history and the culture and habits such as Indonesians with a rudder and compass and telescope and old materials in diving ships. In the antique markets in Jalan Surabaya there are some stalls specializing in the sale of bags, bags, there are also stalls selling old books.

– A brief history of Jalan Surabaya (Surabaya Street)

The history of Jalan Surabaya (Surabaya Street) to the year 1974, where it was officially opened by Jakarta Governor at the time, but in the fact that the profession itself existed before the construction of stores in Surabaya Street as old traders were carrying their goods above Zaorohm and entangled in the district of Kuta just Jakarta!

The current dealers are the second generation of traders who bought from them what their predecessors of goods and created by the old market.

– Fame Jalan Surabaya (Surabaya Street)

Do not stop famous Jalan Surabaya (Surabaya Street) on the local citizens and the tourists who recommend each other to visit this market nor the lovers of old things and souvenirs, but also extended his will to the international stars prominent keen to had and purchase them and to those of former President head Bill Clinton and actress Charlon Stone and others.

– Tips for visitors Jalan Surabaya (Surabaya Street)

-ihtaj Buyer of Jalan Surabaya (Surabaya Street) to bargain a little bit before it gets Slath this has become a habit famous in all shops as it compares to the price at the beginning of Aktrmen shop before buying the item

-lhoah Collection of antiques and antiquities they had to accompany one of the experts in these matters where there may be in the market selling counterfeit things as original

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