Tourism In Jakarta: Market Plaza Indonesia In

 Market Plaza Indonesia In Jakarta

Tourism in Jakarta: Plaza Market is located in the heart of Jakarta, which is one of the major shopping centers upscale in Indonesia where he was inaugurated in 1990 near the most tourist sites recognizable in Indonesia, a Salamat Datng have to choose the location after attracting many tourists to the place in addition to being one of the best shopping center in the south East Asia

Enjoys prestige commercial center by high over two consecutive terms featuring many luxury brands such as Boss Maxmhahojo and Bali, Salvatore and Vergamwaly along with Christian Dior and is a major center for the Zara brand and Giorgio Armani and Christian Omptan

The center offers the latest fashions universal of apparel and Akssorart and pieces of Almjmohrat precious Ahudaa luxury also includes a hall large dining room in the basement, which includes several restaurants, including Japanese restaurant and fast-European and restaurants that offer meals local addition to cafes that offer various drinks as there is in the newest center electronic devices and modern sportswear and global tools sport that is of interest to a lot of young people,

Recently, the French fashion house Celine opening his own shop in the center, as the center is located close to the life of Jakarta hotel chosen for several times as one of the best luxury hotels madinah where the hotel offers various services high-end addition to rooms with decors featured health club and swimming pool wonderful and a restaurant serving delicious meals.

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