Tourism In Jakarta: Pasar Baru Market

Pasar Baru Market in Jakarta

Tourism in Jakarta: Is the daily shopping center for the people of Jakarta for vegetables, fruit, and personal needs and filled with small market and shops Cartage When you step inside this place you will feel you are inside a cell for the bees movement of buying and selling activated is very do not stop for the night Aunhar and place and find Iqbal high local and expatriate population but before going there must have to have a good idea about the prices to reach a suitable price with the seller prevailing belief among traders that there are all the tourists can buy anything at any price without thinking,

And can be accessed for Pasar easily South Jakarta. All means of transport available are varied shops within Albacrohnak many sewing shops and stores selling textiles, tools sewing, stationery, household goods and electrical appliances and market a distinct set of curtains and carpets Bala addition to the availability of sports equipment and sportswear musical instruments featuring Passard as a shopping center for the community Indian in Jakarta Hbut Indian spices are sold many kinds of Indian cuisines and distinctive warm Bbhartha

At Pasar find distinct group of brilliant and smart smell colors and aquariums and tropical fish forms, and colors distinctive flowers are in the market to sell some rare animals and it is illegal so it is advisable not to buy these kinds of animals, also it contains market to many restaurants, cafes and a place for sale birds. it has the market for wholesale shops where there were many different goods Passard is an integrated shopping mall and a magnet for shopping lovers from around the world.

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