Tourism In Jakarta: National Gallery

National Gallery

Tourism in Jakarta: National Gallery is one of the most important cultural and artistic centers in Indonesia, especially in the field of Visual Arts since 1999, has played an important role in increasing public appreciation in Indonesia artwork through programs to develop and exploit the visual arts and provides Almars opportunity for students and art lovers and the general public of the educational and recreational facilities and cultural and large art collection includes more than 750,000 work of art,

The exhibition is located in central Jakarta Mriedkan Square and the building where the exhibition is located may Asess in 1817 and was used as a house set up an educational institution known as Carpiente which was subject to the authority of the priest Freemason Samuel Carpntah, and in 1955 was all the activities of the Dutch colonization ban and signed Foundation under the authority of Raden Saleh to take care of Freemasonry, too,

In 1962, President Skrano signed a government speech preventing Freemasonry in Indonesia was resolved by the institution and become one of the cultural institutions in Indonesia since that time, in 1987, it was refurbished the building and equipping the means of modern becomes recently Museum of Art center in Indonesia, the most important cultural contributions of that place at the moment are training courses for local artists to young people and is adding international development expertise in the field of art through lectures and visual presentations Ultimate attracts a lot of lovers of the arts in Indonesia to expand their horizons in the field of art and innovation.

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