Tourism In Jakarta: Jakarta Train Station

Jakarta Train Station

Tourism in Jakarta: Railway Station of the oldest existing in Indonesia, where is the legacy of the colonial Dutch are due to the occupation of the Netherlands to Indonesia and the station is located in Jakarta in the old city, which was called Batavia was held to reach between Batavia and Bogor from his face, Bandung and Batavia on the other hand has been built in in 1926 and officially announced use in 1929 by the Governor General Lawrence

The station includes 12 railway is still in use now, after the renewal has been the station architecture Dutch engineer who designed born in Indonesia France Johan and the train station is located near many of the vital tourist sites placed in the city of Jakarta, such as the National Museum Aoualemsmy Museum Elephant Museum of Natural History and the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Dolls and the city of Ancol Dreamland famous is also located near many of the important in Jakarta vital markets such as Pasar market that goes Alandonsien him to buy their needs everyday and M Block market, which attracts many of the shopaholic of Indonesia and the world

And near the station find many restaurants serving meals Indonesian and fast food kiosks for snacks and cafes you can wait for trains on the station after newly renovated are an example of architecture Indonesian Dutch where he is still building it retains the features of the original from which the design developed by France Johan

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