Tourism In Jakarta: Grand Indonesia Market

Grand Indonesia Market In Jakarta

Tourism in Jakarta: He designed this market Rtkal company headquartered in Baltimore, which was the objective of its establishment is to combine the grandeur of the total bulky with the town surrounding architectural design privileged to be a landmark for shopping in Indonesia and the building contains 56 equipped with floor offices with the latest technology and 22 elevator and high-speed Wi-Fi Besides seeing the hallmark of the city of Jakarta, and there are a sports halls, swimming pool and space on the surface of the outdoor restaurants

The mall business is divided into five levels include shops and many of the products, manufacturers in addition to restaurants and entertainment venues It also has about 5,500 parking

Includes the first three levels of the products, manufacturers of luxury from Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior, Zara and Chanel and other international brands and includes a fourth-level clothes youth and clothes, casual wear is found in the third floor suite connects the eastern part of the building in the western part, and has a restaurant area can accommodate more than 700 people, where vary in these restaurants in their diet between the character of the European Altkulailde meals Indonesian fresh and there is on the eighth floor offers a unique cinema of its kind three-iT-dimensional wonderful addition to the cafe serves a varied drinks it from commercial markets luxury that will attract researchers from the distinctive services and incantation away from thinking about the price level exorbitant that her famous place.

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