Tourism In Bandung: Simaha Waterfall

Simaha Waterfall In Bandung – Indonesia

Tourism In Bandung: In the west of Bandung in West Java is located waterfall magician who has a height of 87 meters so he is one of the highest waterfalls in Bandung special in Indonesia and Asia in general and consistent waterfall in Simaha River, so he took the same name, which is divided into two levels are majestic and awesome in the heart of nature.

Easy access to this waterfall of more than one path which is considered more roads used to reach him near Cisarua station for public transport, there are places to stay near the roads leading to the waterfall as you’ll find plenty of services available across the road to him as there is a place for parking close to the waterfall characteristic which cuts the towering mountains in the heart of nature characteristic of tropical plants.

He is more waterfalls which serve to capture the many souvenir pictures in it, where it appears he has a rainbow in the most beautiful scenic and unique There is also the highest hills when the waterfall places to relax and watch the waterfall as you can go a long stairway on the way back also will see some wild animals, monkeys, birds flying all over the place, also you can enjoy the waters of the waterfall, famous for its ability therapeutic for this is a special place if you want to get away from the bustling life and go back to nature pure.

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