Tourism In Bandung: Maribaya Waterfall

Maribaya Waterfall

Tourism In Bandung: 80 km from Jakarta located Marbella Falls 30 minutes away from Bandung, near the volcanic hills of the volcano Tanczykban where you can during the road enjoying nature mountain charming and fresh air where you will spend quality time in the most beautiful safari and famous for the surrounding area springs hot saturated with sulfur, which is famous for its ability waters to cure diseases, so it comes to a lot of interested in medical tourism in Indonesia and human places that attract tourists from everywhere to it unique nature with a 25-meter high waterfall, which descends between the southern hills formed by ancient volcanic volcano Tanczykban.

The hills of North eruptions, the latest from the mountain springs to flow which stream waterfall component distinctive places for swimming and recreation white unique mountain nature waters that make you feel comfortable heart, body, and there is the place many stalls offering food and various beverages, you can get various services where the area is famous therapeutic products volcanic excels residents of the area in its industry out there that are looking for loving treatment of nature despite the difficulty of access to the rugged nature there, but to see the waterfall crashes bother to trip him.

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