Tourism In Bandung: Jeans market

Jeans market

Tourism In Bandung: Bandung is one of the most scenic places in Indonesia that you can spend hours in the curfew in distinctive markets are a wide range of diverse shopping malls that will satisfy many tastes and levels, if you love international brands or cheap goods price Each of these commodities have markets, which is famous in Bandung,

The market in which we have chosen today is the market of a particular kind, where is located in the northern part of the Bandung larger streets that are lined with distinctive shops jeans in their goods, but this feature is not alone in this market, but that prices can buy the jeans in this fantastic market Fboql than $ 10 you can get a pair of jeans unemployment distinctive Bavh.

Market distinctive names of stores that took the names of the mighty superheroes her motto, it’s Rambo to Batman to Superman’ll tour the wonderful shops Dounia store is more distinctive experiences that Staischha shopping for for a long time as well as Superman and Spider-Man stores that will get them a fantastic prices and exhibits and goods very good ,

On either side of the market you can find a number of cafes and restaurants serving fast food to take time to rest in a shopping trip, as there are many Japanese restaurants distinctive and nearby hotels but you have to beware of taxi prices, which have become expensive in some cases more than Jakarta, except this market is a special place worth a shopping trip in it

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