Tourism In Bandung: Grand Mosque Raya

Grand Mosque Raya Bandung

Tourism In Bandung: Grand Mosque is located in the heart of the province of Aceh in Indonesia, known as the mosque in this region mosque in Beit Rahman, a symbol of the strength of the Islamic faith after the survival of the mosque of the tsunami’s devastating 2004 where the mosque appeared at the time on various global screens amid a flood of water without having to touch him something while damaged all the surrounding buildings by the construction of the mosque began in 1879, where his Dutch colonial administration to reconcile with the locals after they demolished a mosque during the war in Aceh, has put its design architect Italian and Ebent has completed construction Aam1881 was a small-sized first mosque consists of a dome and one black hardwood after years it has been renovated and expanded to add wings to the building of origin.

Mosque building brings together the architectural design of style (EU) and the Islamic Mughal mosque decorated with Qur’anic verses and motifs of Islamic, one of the famous landmarks Bandacih which attracts tourists from around the world and is considered a symbol of culture in the city is the oldest mosques by which became gathering numbers of worshipers from all over the place for his fame Wan so a visit to the house of Rahman will delight you.

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