Tourism In Bandung: Ganeca Park

Ganeca Park

Tourism In Bandung: Janica park located in the street in the north of Bandung, specifically in front of the mall to sell electronics in Bandung, one of parks spread across the Bandung which will not Tklvak anything to wander in its parts and enjoy the scenery, where the charming park boasts a group of

Tropical trees and green plants and beautiful flowers and in the middle of the park there is a fountain on a flower surrounded by a pool of water shape and there inside the park circular platform where you can see the distinctive scenery of a series Mangeling Mountains and Mount Tmbomas and Mount Jaya from home and garden nature mountain charming surrounding one Specialty Hiking in Bandung .

Garden inspired by one of the ancient gods of the people of Indonesia and India, where Atkhadd this statue form Phil take a sitting position like a human being’s name and spread the many miscellaneous statues in the sizes and colors everywhere in Asian countries, Indian, Thailand and Indonesia and is worth mentioning that there are garden taken the same name character Alandunsa and statues of ancient the heart of Europe which are designed to mimic the old Indonesian gardens but keep the original nature of this place is the ideal destination for nature lovers picturesque.

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