Tourism in Bali: Water Park

Water Park In Bali

what to do in Bali: City Aquatics, located in 1055 by teppan of Kuta in Bali, Indonesia, which is about a half hour from the city Adventure City breathtaking and the place, which guarantees fun for young and old alike, where a group of distinctive Aquatics designed the path of modern and innovative water park is the center of the oasis the center of the tropical forests covered with mangroves

Months Aquatics is banking tube where the pioneers of the park skating from a height of 20 meters, where half a minute takes to get to the bottom of a thrilling adventure and above you can see the garden of Kuta and tropical gardens and swimming water sports and water cannon spray It is very suitable for the young where it enjoys a high degree of safety where they will in this game you feel concerned about your children,

There is also a quiet river basin, where the water is being the center of a row Falls quietly providing an atmosphere of fun and basins rapid rush of water that will feel the loss of your balance

Dual slider where you can slide with one of your friends to create a balance side by side on the mat skiing and sliding across the waterway to a huge cauldron but with the iron heart drop from a height of up to eight floors at an angle of 60 degrees and is an exciting experience not to miss

There are garden restaurants to eat delicious food, drinks and places to rest between games and each game specific laws to ensure the highest level of security, safety and availability of the park hours of fun for adults and kids and adventure can not forget about their times playful




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