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Ubud Bali: For more than eighty years, he visited Ubud Jnyar which is located in Bali, many foreign travelers. Ubud can provide a lasting memory of each person he visited. In fact, Ubud has become an effort Love Elizabeth Gilbert, author of White, Bray, Loew (each, connect, love) and who kept the film on the same name starred Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. There are many experiences that can be picked up by tourists
Ubud saw as a culture and arts center. Not surprisingly, because each activity was associated with a cultural landmark, close to nature, the spiritual, and the relationship between humans. Every activity in Ubud capable of providing an impression of depth to them
Are you interested in spending time in Ubud? Be prepared to fall in love with the magical aura of Ubud. The aura that makes you calm and always makes you expect to return to Ubud. Nicknamed the population of Bali this aura to Taxco. Here are 10 activities you can do in Ubud Bali tourist landmark

yoga in the morning

Ubud match with yoga. People come from all over the world to study yoga in Ubud. Not only for the two principles, professionals also enjoy yoga sessions in Ubud. Improve Ubud hotels as well as with yoga. Start offering free yoga quotas for guests to provide the best place for yoga. For most places that practice yoga where the panorama of nature, Kalmtenshat or views of the fields

ride a bike on the edge of fields

Do you remember the scene Julia “all, Pray, love” on a bicycle with a background field? Yes, ride the bike in the rice field This activity is the most popular tourist activities and the most popular and fun in Ubud. Rent a bike is actually easy to exist in Ubud. Beginning from the city center to hire a mountain bike to ride to the very Quintamana. It’s a good idea to do a tour on the bike.
With the bike tour, you will be invited to take a tour around the fields and some township residents. You are free to interact and feel the hospitality of Ubud’s population. If you do not like cycling, walking tours are also available by walking across the fields and into town. This is an opportunity to interact directly with the people of Bali and learn their culture and lifestyle

Learn cook food Bali

Sections to learn cooking in Ubud continues to increase. Availability of restaurants, hotels, cooking and special sections with tourists cooking sections. My mind is taught special menus Kalastdarh and Coker stay, in addition to cooking, such as Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Gado Gado or yellow rice

traditional medicine, visit Ketut pattern for Eyer

Health and beauty treatments and wellness in Ubud in the way of rapid growth to pamper tourists. But domestic tourists tend to conventional treatments using natural materials such as medicine old. Conventional treatments Kalalajat health and beauty, massage and spiritual aspects of therapy with an emphasis on meditation. Nicknamed the Bali community, “the doctor ” is traditionally known as ” Albaglian ”. A month Albaglian in Ubud is Ketut Arsana. For more than 25 years, the treatments through massage therapy and herbal medicines. While Ketut Laer” therapists “became famous through its appearance in the novel and movie “all, Pray, love” approach to treatment with meditation

Tour Cookery

Because tourism Ubud evolved since before Indonesia’s independence, it seemed that the art of cooking in Ubud very diverse. You can find European and American cooking. We can call it a model for restaurants featuring Italian, Japanese, Mexican tacos and Alboritus Model, a very French cuisine. Indonesian cuisine typical, especially Bali kitchen, is very famous in Ubud. Try fried duck Bali, where restaurants that sell mostly fried duck. Or rice my Manco Kidaouattan until chicken Petco in public art


visit the museum

Ubud is a neighborhood that includes the largest museums in Gianyar. You can visit about 6 museums there. Mostly about art and painting related. Castle Museum, for example, is the first painting in the museum in Bali. The museum displays collections in the context of three paintings obsolete for the same era, the start of the Kingdom of Bali to Indonesia’s independence. There are other art museums such as the art of Neka Museum, the Museum of Don Antonio Blanco, Rodana Museum, Agung Rai Museum of Art. While the new museum is owned by the Ubud Museum reveals Marketing 3.0 in the year 2011

Kikak Fire Dance

Not feel complete without the intervention of the traditional trip Ubud Balinese dance presentations. However, it is organized dance parties in the evening. Usually on the seven o’clock at night. You can view a dance or dance Allitjonj Kikak fire. There are two places to watch the renowned dance in Bali in Bora Dalim Puri Agung Sarin. Kikak can see the fire in Bora Dalim, who is in Jalan Raya Ubud. You will be surprised when you see the dance Kimacesan. When you are in Puri Agung Sarin, will be able to watch the dance of Itjonj. Besides these places, there are many other places that offer performances of traditional dance and shadow puppets

shopping at the Ubud market

Ubud market receives brightly. Traditional markets located in the city, a group of Balinese handicrafts center of progress. Start-woven bags, clothes related to my mind, the traditional clothes worn, to sculpture and painting. Try a variety of snacks sold in this market. You must come in the morning because it is usually crowded with tourists during the day. You can also shop at Tegallalang content in the market. Remember to haggle over the price before buying

 Raft Ride


Known for its place in the raft ride Baliely Ayung River. There are many operators of boats, rafts in the Ayung River. Ewing raft ride in the river in each of the second and third category. So this day is suitable for beginners. The unique thing when riding a raft during the day in Ewing Panorama is on both sides of the day. Towering palm trees, the trees on the hill, until the rice terraces. Not only this, in the middle of the river, will be transferred to see Mnhothat relief for technicians Romanjana Bali in rocky cliffs. They include rafting trips usually lunch and bus transportation to and fro

Say hello to the monkeys in the jungle monkey

Ubud is the home of the Monkey. You should stop walking in the jungle monkey. Here, the monkeys roam freely. Many tourists take pictures and have fun with monkeys. But be warned, the apes’ sometimes harmful purposes of taking tourists. At the entrance to the Monkey Forest, receives tourists a large statue of a monkey. Well, at the entrance to the forest, which covers an area of 27 hectares, the atmosphere is good and a nice welcome. There is a forest inside the temple monkeys and also frequented by tourists

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