Tourism in Bali: The Submarine Trips

The Submarine Trips In Bali, Indonesia

Tourism In Bali: The submarine trip provides a unique opportunity to discover the depths of the sea even to those who are not proficient in even swimming, there is in Bali, a large fleet of custom Tour submarines in the bottom of the sea with D Lord guide and carrying submarine on board per flight 36 people sink into them at a depth of 150 feet below sea level,

The journey starts from the AMOC Coast to the submarine, where it is picking up a souvenir photo on the submarine surface before starting the trip, which took 45 minutes amid picturesque nature where you will see a sea world is full of wonders through the round windows in the submarine, which provides you with a clear vision of this world charming nature of coral reefs of different colors and colorful fish such as fish parrot and snakes as you can see one of the divers is to feed the fish and the atmosphere in a comfortable submarine and security which is air-conditioned and take into account the highest degree of safety will not feel the time that passes through the center of the picturesque nature, but when the announcement submarine commander of the round ends and after the rise of the submarine to surface pick you up inflatable boat to the coast, but you will never forget this unique experience and containing an oddity of the sea floor and high fun did not get it, but those with high skill in diving and great boldness to discover this hidden world





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