Tourism in Bali: Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot In Bali

Indonesia Bali: Rock temple on Bali island in Indonesia, a Hindu temple and the name means land of the sea in the language of Bali and is 20 kilometers from Dnspar The temple is located on the coast and who was influenced by factors sculpture Maritime Abralsnoat temple dates back to the sixteenth century

It is said that Gentobarta During his travels he spent nts next to this rock and met the fishermen in the place welcoming and influenced by the beauty of the rock and said it sacred and built a temple and the temple one of seven temples located on the sea coast, where he was a source of tales and legends throughout history has built the rocky base of the temple in the form of sea snakes poisonous It believed to be the temple to guard it against evil spirits and intruders

For the value of the historic building, the Japanese government Give a loan of $ 130 million to the Government of Indonesian to renovate impact historically and protect it and to enter the temple of Tanah Lot fees are paid and there is near where a lot of markets, gift shops and restaurants serving delicious meals as there is on the road leading to the temple on roadside stalls and shops selling souvenirs and distinctive Beskhorh temple has a special character Bmammarh archaeological attracts tourists from around the world





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