Tourism in Bali: Quinta many Volcano

Quinta many Volcano In Bali

Tourism In Bali: Quinta many volcano is located in the east of Bali’s
Mount Batur at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level and the temperature there is 15 degrees Celsius and the weather there is often rainy, but you will enjoy scenic views of the tropical forests and the drilling of volcanic hills and rocky,

The volcano Quintamany Hobrkan active where the volcano erupted in 1906 and led to the destruction of several houses and ancient temples, including the Temple now Dano and who was renovated in 1926 and resulted in eruption of the exodus of many of the villages, there is near where the Museum presents the history of the revolutions of the volcano and movies and fees for the computer visualization of the volcano and has a telescope to see the crater and start boarding a trip to the mountain with the first hours of the day and where he takes two hours to reach the summit must take a guide during the ascent of the mountain to see the roads safe. Some tracks become slippery when it is raining and there are two ways to go up two through the rainforest or by lava and climb the mountain is a great outdoor adventure where nature charming cliffs and swim in the white water and water canyons and after the return you can enjoy a warm meal at the restaurant and near Mount Batur There are many hotels that you can stay out like Segarra hotel as you roam the villages surrounding the mountain biking and enjoy the charming lake this adventure interesting will not forget and will enjoy them





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