Tourism in Bali: Program For Family Tourism In Bali Island Indonesia

Program For Family Tourism In Bali, Indonesia


Tourism In Bali: If you are planning for a family leisure trip to Bali in Indonesia, then you need to be, among other things take into account as important as reviewing other travel instructed by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, choose the appropriate insurance company, make sure that everyone in the family to medical vaccines required and certainly agree on a program tourist B achieves all family members.
When talking about a family program to visit Bali, you’ll find lots of sites talking about the traditional visits to the children’s clubs and amusement parks and water parks that are similar to those found everywhere around the world, so much so we thought that we show in this article is a program of the various distinct tourism activities and that can be carried out in Bali


Visit “TREE top” garden
Adventure Park TREE TOP is located in the heart of the Botanical Garden in Bali in Baidjol It includes a great mix of charming natural areas as well as entertainment programs organized where the presence of programs commensurate with the age of the entire family, from the yellow squirrels rounds of “Val Young and the end of the competitions adrenaline for Youth and adults and containing competitions and exciting adventures like climbing hills and swing in the air from higher ground.· Visit Beach Dolphins
Visit beach dolphins Lovina Beach recreational unforgettable experience where you will and your family members to see the dolphins and is exercising her natural on the beach, of the best times to go to the beach early in the morning and before sunrise to be able to ride a Boat Show allocated dolphins for that, and that takes you to the Bekaa Valley, which where exist many dolphins neighborhood, you can see them up close and watch them a lead of some entertaining movements
· Visit bird park
Bird park in Bali with more than 250 different species of exotic birds and rare, and the park is considered a nature reserve to preserve the wild life of a large number of endangered birds
In addition to the cultural dose about the types of birds and fun roam between this rare species and blossoms of birds children will be drawn to the movement between the natural phenomena that are specially made to simulate the habitat of these birds, such as the tropical environment and torrential rain forests and desert and the African environment and savannah environment


Visit cocoa farms

An important family activities during a visit to Bali Go to cocoa colonies scattered around the city, where the visit represents an entertaining learning experience that children can see the stages of chocolate manufacturing since the advent of cocoa beans on the trees, and some farms for children provides a chance to try different types of chocolate and give them the opportunity some of the samples themselves manufacture

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