Tourism in Bali: Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest In Bali


Tourism In Bali: Monkeys Forest is a nature reserve and is protected near Ubud temple and has protected several groups of monkeys, as there are 39 adult male and 38 male and 194 female and 91 small and protected monkey have been very popular tourists visiting monthly garden Aktrmen 10,000 tourists,

Garden extends for a distance of ten kilometers in central Acjaralmokhtlvh which includes 115 species of trees nature there are charming and tree leaves have distinctive colors you will not find anywhere else and loves tourists feed the monkeys in the forest despite warnings from diseases that can be transmitted from monkeys to humans through scratches, which may be caused by touching the hands of apes and monkeys observed increased weight of the large number of tourists to feed them and the monkeys sometimes kidnap tourists bags in search of food,

Includes jungle temple Pura Agung Dalim and the Temple of the sacred spring and the ancient temple buildings with a distinctive architectural building attracts him Lovers photo ops and the woods are the property of the village Badnjital where the people of the village park service and attention as a tourist destination

At the end of curfew in a forest monkeys take a trip around the countryside to see the cultivated rice farms on Bali’s unique style and surrounded by coconut trees and tropical horticultural plants

At the end of the day you can enjoy desserts of sweet potatoes with tea or coffee Visit Monkey Forest unique experience inherently charming and a building of the temple of Pura unique archaeological




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