Tourism in Bali: Lake Bratan

Lake Bratan In Bali, Indonesia

Places in Bali: Lake Bratan is one of the most lakes in Indonesia in Bali, where the lake has taken her fame from the scenic which coupled with archaeological places of ancient temples that dot the lake where the old area to worship Shiva center where temples are located in the banks and the heart of this lake, which is supplying the places surrounding the whole irrigation and other water

Lake surrounded by nature with unique landscape of towering mountains and greenery stretching and plants and tropical trees dense The most famous sites in this lake it is the temple offers him offerings so far, which was built in 1663 and is famous Buddha and Bora statue was taken labels on coins Indonesian

The lake is located in the heart of the mountains at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level for this atmospheres in this place cool and tropical usually the lake located in the northern part of Bali, and the nearest villages have are the Bali Aga village and the nearest mountains to the lake is Mount Bratan and Katur, the second largest lake in Bali is a characteristic water excursions, which move in postpone There are near this area distinctive tourist resort which offers visitors to the region all tourism, leisure, and marine services is also a great place for swimming in the warm days and spring so if you decide to visit Bali do not miss recreation at Lake Barton picturesque





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