Tourism in Bali: jimbaran Bali

Jimbaran In Bali Island, Indonesia


Jimbaran Bali: To is the ideal place to spend a holiday. Where available on the beaches, mountains, water sports, and a strong culture. Furthermore about it, air facility with a dinner at sunset in Jimbaran beach, romantic and unforgettable
Activities to do in Jimbaran, Bali
Jimbaran is a place dedicated to dinner, is very famous in Bali. Romantic atmosphere and eating the delicious, fresh seafood, will be closed memorable for you and your partner evening. Jimbaran located in the south of Ngurah Rai airport, or rather, feet across Nusa Dua, Padang Regency, Bali. From Denpasar, it takes 30 minutes just to get to this place
If you visit Bali, Jimbaran is a place that you do not have to waste an opportunity to visit with your partner. Dinner at Jimbaran is not famous for local tourists only, but that many foreign tourists come to spend their dinner in this place. Dinner in Jimbaran area is not in the room but on the edge of Jimbaran beach


Come to Jimbaran in the afternoon, because it will be able to enjoy the beauty of the sunset on the beach. The sea breeze and the gentle roar of the waves, will add a sense of calm and romance. In fact, a new experience that you’re having dinner with loved ones on the beach
At least it romantic in the evening. It will be accompanied by candles and the stars in the sky. Not only that, but you will be able to see the light aircraft descend at Ngurah Rai
Do you still not self-sufficient and satisfied? Add jazz to the beach a tranquil atmosphere and romantic. The play songs with rhythm adds a sense of romantic beach
For eating, no doubt, are offered a variety of fresh seafood. Fish, shellfish, and different types of seafood, cooked directly on the spot. Now that you have access to Jimbaran, you’ll find many of the fish that are still alive and ready to deal with them, which would make a delicious and fresh
There are many cafes and restaurants in Jimbaran, you can choose according to what suits your taste. For the price, hundreds of thousands of dollars for each list. In fact, the exhaust thy bag, but you will enjoy dinner with your husband on the beach, in a romantic atmosphere does not forget
So, do not forget to visit Jimbaran and eat dinner there with your partner

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