Tourism in Bali: Festivals Of Bali Nyiba

Festivals Of Bali, Nyiba

Bali is not only renowned by its natural beauty but also famous by its own various cultural activities, different festivals throughout the year.


Irrespective of religions everybody respect their and others community/religious festivals, customs and tradition.  Tourists keen on including festival or be part of the amazing and colorful carnival dance.


Nyiba Festival – Nyepi the largest festivals Hindu community known as the Day of Silence is held at the beginning of the year of India (Saka) and by the beginning of each year vary according to local time but they often fall between March and April.  Locals celebrate this by installation of early prepared Buddah’s Idol and end with recitation of holy words in high tone which end with setting of fire to the brides made out of bamboo to avoid exorcism affected the whole village.


It recommended for tourists either refrain from following their rituals or read brochures about this day to get acquaint with their custom of the locals to help avoid possible Loudness or quarrel.

On Naiopi close all the streets of Bali as a result of overcrowding and parents spread on the roads.  This day dedicated for fasting and meditation with calm and cleanliness in every place where Balinese believe that this day will expel evil spirits and renews the human good thoughts and beliefs.


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