Tourism in Bali: Bali Province Islands Indonesia

Bali Province Islands

Bali Tourism: Bali Islands is characterized by the beauty of its waters blue and coral reefs distinctive, which includes a wide range of fish colored color charming and the island of Bali are smaller provinces Indonesia where he followed her adjacent islands youngest is Nusa Pinda and Nusa Sengan and Nusa Limbaugh and the capital of the island is Dambacr in the southern part of the island

The population of the island 422,000 people, is home to the minority Hindu in Indonesia, the largest private tourist destinations in the period and the recent famous Bali arts high degree such as sculpture, painting, music, most of the population works agriculturists despite the stature cruise to the island, and months plantations where the fruit and vegetable rice cultivation but months Maisera their coffee is considered the first places where the producers from the Arab coffee

Chij also provides many job opportunities for the population in addition to their prowess in the art of sculpture and crafts Aledioah many of the tourist attractions on the island famous no such waterfall Kaonj and many archaeological sites dating back to Hindunsah such as the famous Temple Portman religion concentrated places famous tourist in the south of the island is also characterized by the island Bgabadtha tropical rainforests, which contain many rare plants and trees in addition to a normal life

The recent interest in many hotels add to the development of tourist attractions, plus a range of unique restaurants and construction of resorts near the famous waterfalls




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