Tourism in Bali: Bali Kuta Park Indonesia

Bali Kuta Park

Kuta Bali: If nature is more charming your favorite part in the tourist and Jack if you have to choose Indonesia as a tourist destination distinctive nature
Extraordinary it is one of the most Asian countries that contain a lot of Landscape and gardens designed by a man, while cotta garden is one of the oldest gardens founded in Bali in 1885 and the park is located near the road Jalan Merdeka and dubbed old King Park and after get Indonesia on independence in 1950 was the park’s name was changed to Independence Park and in 1990 changed its name again to become DEWEY park in honor of a national hero called DEWEY where there is a statue of her in the garden and the garden is a large rectangular green is located on two streets and the park boasts a large old trees and green grass in cool and shady atmosphere and there is a garden statue of a white rhino and a statue of a pair of pigeons Baldhavh statue DEWEY where you can enjoy a family picnic and spend quality time with
Family among lush green trees, a perfect place to rest and relax on the green grass in the shade of trees and enjoy the beauty




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