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Waterfall Nung Nung


Tourism In Bali: Island dreams will not deny the right of praise, even if we wrote about folders think you witness all Mavera and discover the opposite frequently visited Gillette in all areas and I could not fathom those beguiling and every visit I find that I have not visited very little. I told some friends in my first visit to the island (who Marah Marah Bali to Indonesia) and still repeat that even now I can call it a mini-Indonesia are shortcut to the beauty of the country’s archipelago you find in a place known as the island of Bali.
Many of us, if I asked him about a waterfall in Bali, will respond to you (waterfall Guet Guet) Of course this is a beautiful and gorgeous waterfall, but the island of Bali is full of beautiful waterfalls and here we’ll talk about a waterfall maybe some of you have not heard of it before. Waterfall is located within the territory of Ppadunq Badung (not Bandung), or I can call it green territory on the island this waterfall is located in the south of Pelaga area within the village Nung Nung and waterfall named the name of that village waterfall Nung Nung is located amid a forest of bushes almost humans does not see only a little pass amid the dense trees you hear only sounds of birds and the trickling water and other sounds can not be determined what the source is to be. With me was a friend, a new visitor to the country and I think the archipelago after visiting the waterfall that he would not accompany me to visit a waterfall and another meaning in the belly of the poet or perhaps in the belly of the waterfall. Visit the fact that the waterfall was for me a wonderful and very fun adventure. We start with you pictures of our visit to this waterfall and we will hold the images in a timely manner for further clarification for those who wish to visit this waterfall

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