Tourism in Bali: Accommodation In a Private Villa

Accommodation In a Private Villa In Bali

Tourism In Bali: I had the experience of staying in a private villa in Bali, in agreement with (villas Jabonama) and found the following benefits

Means of transport take you from the airport to Villa

Private Pool – master bedroom overlooking it – shower outdoors – a giant flat screen displays all the foreign channels – a fully equipped kitchen to prepare food if you feel the desire to prepare food. – Schiff special is you all kinds of food and drink. Private car with driver, to rounds of the second day – secondary bedrooms. The villa is enough to sleep 10 people-the kitchen and living rooms are open to each other (without separation walls)

Server, or ask us all the time for breakfast, Venhddh without restricting fixed punctual in hotels, and B is a fresh, eggs, tea, coffee and a bowl of fresh fruit and watermelon juice pies and everything else imaginable

The staff Basijar scooter for children and a motorcycle in the amount of $ 5 for all day. They provide a private car for a walk the next day – every day spent in the villa for $ 35 regardless of the number of persons (the villa is ready to receive people from 4:10)

Jabu Nami again jabunami Akaddmh in time, too, although villas fun, but it is possible in Bali to find affordable hotels.

This is a summary of the experience renting a villa in Bali instead of residential hotels





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