Tourism in Bali: Surf Spots

  7 Places To Surf In Bali

Bali Island: Bali is a paradise for surfers. Is not confined to enjoy surfing on Kuta Beach only. Bali has many beaches for windsurfing. Do you want to know? Here are 7 points to surfing in Bali, except Kuta Beach

Uluwatu area


Uluwatu area is located in the south of Bali, has a row of beautiful beaches. Is not only beautiful, some of them in Uluwatu Beach, who owns perfect waves for surfing. Some of the famous surfing locations such as Bingen Beach, Beach Labuan Sait, Padang Padang Beach, Soluban Beach and Nyanjnyanj Beach.
Most of the beaches, a regional type of classical waves reach a height of 5-8 meters. No wonder that comes to a lot of surfers to the area

Kitewol Beach secret


This beach is still very natural, many tourists come to spend some time here. So, you can feel the wind blows and the waves clearly in Kitewol Beach secret. The beginning of December until the month of April is a good time for your choice. This is due to the wind which will blow against the waves. Owns huge waves idealism, Kitewol secret, could also be a destination for windsurfing. There are 10 riding the waves along this beach, such as Coconut Beach points (coconut), Pekka point, Nias small, Baaong (secret point), the temple points, the second secret, secret Taoal.

Dream land beach (Dream land


Most of the tourists knew the beauty of the land of dreams Beach. Waves that swung the white grains of sand look weird when they hit the slopes in the one next to the beach. The roar of the waves and stiffness dreamland raises surfer to subject immediately. Do not use as a location for windsurfing only, many travelers also take Alsouralfotograveh or photography because, despite the popularity of the land of dreams, they remain quiet

Slope Bali


This beach is characterized by a very large Bomusband, which provides a signal challenge for tourists. Surf the type is a classic regional. The wave length of his normal height but quite a competitor. So, it is possible that these destinations be a paradise hidden surfers

Kiramas Beach


Located in close Kiramas, Blahpato, Gianyar, Bali. Many foreign tourists come to this beach for surfing. Kiramas beach has big waves. Here you can see the maneuvers surfers foreigners

Medioa Beach


Medioa beach is a rocky beach with huge waves. Just like the other beach in Bali, making Medioa Beach become a target for tourists. Medioa Beach is located in the village of Medioa Bjombrana

Canggu Beach


Canggu Beach is famous among lovers of windsurfing. These beach waves reach a height of 4-5 meters.

Are you accused of holiday and learn to ride the waves? You can choose one of these seven destinations. Not only this but you can also see the beauty of nature on the other side of Bali

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