Tea Factory in Puncak


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Tea Factory in Puncak

Tea is a major crop in Indonesia where you can get all kinds of tea from ordinary to high-quality very cheap prices and in Puncak where the tea factory near tea plantations you can see the black tea manufacturing process is the factory of the oldest factories located in Indonesia has been built by the Dutch was renovated in 1990 but still the plant uses old machines and you can enjoy a tour inside the tea factory in exchange for 15,000 rupees at the factory entrance to see the places of the weight of payloads green tea, which comes to the plant and the timber that was used as fuel when high gas prices and the black tea processing through fermentation, which scientifically known oxidation enzyme and leads fermentation to withdraw chlorophyll existing securities and are stopping the fermentation at a certain stage and then is encapsulated tea and packed in dry cans away from moisture that may cause the growth of bacteria and alter the taste of tea and tea are many types such as white tea, green, yellow and Chinese and black, but the factory Aantj only tea ESO
At the end of the tour you’ll get a special cup of tea and a box of black tea round and attract many tourists and represents 60% of Dutch
Of them students Bogor Agricultural Institute also comes in an educational tour to see rows of green tea plantations and beautiful walk around inside the plant are great tourist experience you should not miss on your visit to Indonesia






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