hotel deals in jakarta



Which are located outside the Jakrta..othdida South-East and on the road to Puncak This map access


This is because the idea of the establishment of the deceased Ibu Tien Suharto (wife of the former president). Where work began to build in 1971 .. then officially opened on April 20, 1975 AD. And because the person would take his life to visit all regions of the sprawling Indonesian archipelago. But in Taman Mini Indonesia you can visit the entire country in just one day !! It is one of the most important tourist areas with cultural character in Indonesia .. and include more than 26 pavilions regions Indonesian .. It also includes 11 garden .. including the bird park, garden tub of fresh water, Taman Bunga Kyung Emas, Taman and Melanie .. 15 Museum .. including Indonesia Museum, the Museum of transportation, and the Museum of Komodo dragons, the Museum of oil and gas, and the Museum of stamps
And recreational facilities variety of interest, such as Kyung Emas IMAX theater, the train commentator, Aeromovel, and theater Tanah, the village of arts and antiques, and the Palace of children Indonesia, the Center for Science, demonstration and technology and Lake Arsipel depicting a map of the Indonesian archipelago .. In addition to the cable car .. For more information on this link to Taman Mini
After I arrived at the entrance gate you purchase the ticket .. and the price of the ticket for anyone 9 thousand rupees and for more information on the ticket … at this link

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hotel deals in jakarta


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