Matahari park in Puncak, Indonesia


Matahari park in Puncak, Indonesia

Or as they are called Indonesians Bahari garden proportion of people founder when the mountain Puncak away from the games, parks and fun that left Jakarta has Isepk kind of disappointment for the lack of a suitable place for children or you personally, but after a day of worry in Puncak became possible that Tans your children visit these the new park, which became ready for a visit and ended with a 90% remained on some simple additions which are currently working hard to complete them in the nearest time the park did not open for visitors, but the most famous near a beautiful park the beauty of the wonderful Puncak
And where all the games that comes to your mind like water sports of all kinds Horse offshore and onshore tanks riding swimming pools and many others, as well as the garden there are restaurants

How do you go to the garden ….? Tell your driver as the Garden Mnhara or (Bahari) and immediately will take you to it, it began the process of fame and became the majority of Alandonisan mountain known and is on the road to Chellumbr Falls seven and appropriate that the annexed part of your schedule for the Falls because they are on the same road, specifically you vector Falls will experience this juncture and in front of you these paintings






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