masjid atta awun puncak


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masjid atta awun puncak

Mosque cooperation of the most famous religious tourist destinations in Puncak The mosque is located in the Puncak Bogor, a construction architect privileged is the highest hill of Bogor in the middle of mountain air, pure, which makes the place makes you feel calm self when you reach the mosque by degrees, connecting you to the mosque to find a place dedicated to the ablutions and then the first round, which leads your prayer hall and spacious another place for ladies to pray

Mosque distinctive architectural style impressive dome and round Moznth elevated and surrounded the mosque pools filled with fish as the beautiful colors that give the place atmosphere featured more and near the mound is located waterfall cooperation amid the charming mountain nature as you find out there’s tea plantations stretching green rows of place legendary mosque where crowded with worshipers in the days Fridays and holidays also is a source of attraction for tourists from everywhere in the world

Enjoy the sound of prayer in this place and you will feel that the hills and valleys and mountains blasted If you seek to calm the heart and soul and enjoy the beauty of nature Fmsadjad cooperation is the right spiritual place for you as there are some who Abjthon from the shadows of the mosque relaxing near the mosque in cafes nearby that offer hot tea flavor distinctive from the nearby tea plantations it the perfect place to visit in Bogor, where you can easily access it from the main station in the region





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hotel deals in puncak


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