observatorium bosscha in indo

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observatorium bosscha in indo

The Observatory is the oldest observatory is found in Indonesia and the observatory is located in Lembang, West Java, just 15 kilometers north of Bandung
It is located on an area of 6 hectares over the hills and the due date of the Observatory for the Dutch Indies in 1920, where the idea originated Observatory
The search began for a place where he fits Observatory Carl Albert Rudolph Boscha allocate land for an observatory near the tea plantations
Which is owned by the son of a physicist Jones Boscha the owner of the credit in the scientific and technological development in India, the Dutch so-called Observatory
His name

It has been completed in 1928, where the observatory began its work in celestial bodies, and monitor the observatory stopped working during World War In
1951 has been restarted and the observatory was assigned to supervise the observatory in Bandung Technological Institute where he became part of the scientific research
The education official for astronomy in Indonesia and the observatory consists of five telescopes, a double Zeiss telescope is used to monitor
The topography of the moon and Mars, Saturn, comets and follow Schmidt telescope to study galaxies and the structure of the spectra of stars and a telescope used Bamberg
To Tqdber distances and sizes and study the eclipse telescope Kascran Goto and Hutlscob digital data automatically determines a gift from Japan
To Indonesia and intron telescope to monitor the crescent and sunspots photography Observatory and is considered one of the tourist attractions
Cultural where you can see the planets through the observatory and learn important information about astronomy




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