Java Pearl in Indonesia

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Java Pearl in Indonesia

Java Pearl
Jogja, also often writes Yogyakarta, a city in the “Central Java, Indonesia,” was the cultural capital of Java for centuries. Its palaces, museums and Art Galleries are endless, Jogja definitely worth a visit at least a few days. There is a building in the city center is beautiful Kraton, or Sultan’s Palace – Jogja is the capital of the province of the same name which is ruled by the sultan
Things to do and see in Yogyakarta

Kraton wonderful example of craftsmanship in rich wood carvings and inscriptions. And also a great place to grab a wonderful cultural performances,. Near the ‘Water Palace’ also makes it worth a visit. Jalan Malioboro, the president is the road to the city by shops, cafes, restaurants and markets, and stalls on the pavement and hotels. You could spend the whole day just browsing the shops in the arts and crafts. If you’re tired of seeing it all on foot, look at one of the many PCX (three-bike wheels (taxis) local experience is unique

Jogja is an excellent base from which to explore the historic treasures in this area Jalan Malioboro In addition, it is also possible to arrange day trips from Jogja to nearby volcanoes, Merapi (one of the most active in Indonesia) and the plateau Daeng




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hotel deals in yogyakarta


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