Cibodas Botanical Garden in Indonesia


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Cibodas Botanical Garden in Indonesia

In the heart of the best botanical gardens in Indonesia operated by Indonesia Institute of Science, which Chepodas wonderful resort of West Java, which includes a lot of high-end and distinctive services in the heart of the park is located, and because the park offers a lot of educational services for expatriates to it. Many of the rooms available as well as the guesthouse outstanding in the heart of the park

Also you can reserve a place for weddings in the heart of picturesque garden which was allocated a special place in the heart of the distinctive nature of the foothills of the mountains and the green color extends to the establishment of the festivities

The resort built by distinctive historical that dates back to 1928 and who was re-renovated in 1975 without prejudice to the environment charming nature surrounding the place is created in a way to enjoy the Ultimate visitor privacy and recreation picturesque nature Created Valmentdja bungalows and chalets distributed on 5 hectares in nature

Location is also distinguished by many features that you can enjoy it out of the park with rare trees and the presidential palace in Bogor National Park and other historic landmarks dazzling resort famous also spa charming Indonesian way and nature where you will enjoy sessions of massage professional and that this trip more than a relaxed and calm

Although the resort by one restaurant, but it is enough to satisfy many tastes specialties appetite provided where you’ll find you have a list of variable and renewable day to suit your taste in integrated resort food and bring entertainment and trip distinctive recreational in the heart of nature away from the bustle of the city so that is distinctive tourist destinations in Indonesia






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