Bogor tea plantations in Indonesia

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Bogor tea plantations in Indonesia

Chepoda tea plantation area
If you want to visit the countryside Alandunsa Vchebodi is highlighted area the candidate to you, where are located in Java Bogor where he will arrive there through the green corridor called Paris Java what characterized this place buildings stylish lined As for what to arrive to this area you will have to see the tea fields and cedar along the hills and terraced breathtaking view of natural and unique

Wonderful tea plantations stretching to 1,500 meters of flat green where you can stop there and watch the peasants Alandunsan during the process of Agriculture plant in the mountain you can enjoy the golden vision of tea during its manufacture in this small place where you can do a tour for a small fee

Mountain peaks that surround this area make it a cool place usually only in that you can go from there, along with the nearby lake, which enjoys the most wonderful Landscape and enjoy hot drinks and, of course, the most important of tea in cafes, restaurants and stalls scattered in this place
It places special session at Bandug which attracts nature lovers and picturesque purified away from the bustling city




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