Travel guide to Syuasi


Travel guide to Syuasi


It’s no wonder that nature lovers consider Sulawesi is a paradise on earth, and wild animals are a mosaic of Asian and Australian animals that evolved into new species found anywhere else on the planet. The mountainous areas in the Central Highlands chapter

By deep gorges and fast-flowing rivers

He lives an amazing array of endemic animals such as pigs and dwarf buffalo, deer, birds and dozens of brilliant butterflies

The water surrounding the island teeming with abundance in marine life and coral reefs and rich underwater canyons along the white sand and clear water, making it a paradise for divers

Population numbers approaching the 17.5 million who are a combination of a variety of peoples who speak 40 languages

Meaning Sulawesi island rich deposits of nickel, gold, iron and copper


Places to Visit in Sulawesi

Sulawesi Selatan (South Sulawesi). Makassar, capital, is the largest city in eastern Indonesia, a vibrant conglomerate of government offices, companies and trade

Sulawesi Utara (North Sulawesi) is, volcanic peninsula snake-like fertile stretched out in the center of the Maluku Sea. A world-class, and a zoo of exotic wild animals lies in national parks and reserves

The full spectrum of activities ranging from scuba diving watch the magnificent coral gardens in the National Park Bonakan Bangka Strait and to the volcanoes -talud unusual creatures. Tondano

Nearly 2.5 million people make their homes in the north of Sulawesi, about 10% of them reside in Manado, the capital of the province of spectrum. The city is located at the foot of beautiful Minahasa mountainous area, where active volcanoes, mountain lakes and springs of hot water spread. Coconut plantations stretching for miles along the coasts (produces 18,000 tons of copra in North Sulawesi each month), which is rich with fish and coral reefs. There are internal and coffee plantations and rice fields terraced vegetable gardens and flowers abundant cloves

The best hotels in Sulawesi

Kadadiri, Togian


Phone: 0464-21058

Patuno Wakatobi Resort

Angie Island, Angie, Wakatobi
Phone: 081-1400 2221

Floor beachfront beautiful, tastefully designed and very clean. Air conditioning and hot water en suite bathrooms. Other facilities include a diving center, Jetty Restaurant serves local and Western dishes, bar. Tours and Day

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