Tourism in the Indonesian city of Ambon

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Tourism in the Indonesian city of Ambon

It is the main city of the primary port of Ambon Island and is the capital of the owners Province in Indonesia and its name means beautiful city, a port center, tourism and education in the islands owners divided the city into five regions, which in turn are divided into 50 villages city is classified as one of the main cities in eastern Indonesia, the most economic growth


The climate of the city
The city has a pleasant climate, where the weather will be hot in summer and cold in winter and the best times of the visit will be in the summer and spring


Methods of curfew in the city
Months means to roam is a way Bemos a means of transport and public called the Balima The second best ways curfew be either motorcycles or taxis but Aonsah entertained by high because of the cost


Tourism Activities
This beautiful city offers many options for their tourists like diving into the sea and relaxing on the beautiful beaches and wonderful trips starting enjoyable yacht or boat as you want to get a tour of magic and refreshing on
You can also go to their markets Beauties and shopping to get the best goods for Ohpetk and Aailntek The tasting seafood experience is the experience unique to the different cuisines and foods from the other in the other countries where they will be providing vegetable salad with tuna and Hoz India grated and drink of various kinds as well as varieties soups and various shrimp crabs and fish so I wish to devote some of your time each day to taste these foods


The most important tourist attractions
Siwalima Museum

 Commonwelth War Graves
 Namalatu Beach Area
 Pintu Kota
 Tulehu Howt Water
 Natsepa Beach
Is available at the city’s many hotels, the most important spa resort of Aston Natsepa Ambon and Manisa Hotel and Hotel Mutiar and many other hotels and all of them provide you with a comfortable stay at affordable prices and stunning views

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