Tourism in Purwokerto, Indonesia

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Tourism in Purwokerto, Indonesia


Purwokerto is located in the heart of the main island of Java in Indonesia but they are not renowned some other regions such as Jakarta and Yogyakarta, although it one of the treasures of Indonesia tourism
¨ site Purwokerto
Purwokerto is located in the middle between Jakarta and Yogyakarta, where he acts as a link between the railway station linking the north and south of Java lines
¨ Why should you be visiting Purwokerto
Purwokerto still keep this historic Abaq cities Indonesia before the tourist invasion is many of the traditional features of many of those private areas, such as the famous Bali and Jakarta, and others
This is in addition to the charming landscape which has been unaffected by the human hand and after many natural wonders and good food and people hospitable and welcoming tourists
¨ places can be visited in Purwokerto
Places worth visiting in Purwokerto garden (Alon-Alon), which lies in the heart of the city, which is one of the main gathering of families and children from the local population and the areas infested places selling snacks and drinks
Tourists can also walk around the city in light of the wonderful weather and watch traditional Indonesian architecture and historic buildings scattered in the city, such as building Pendopo Si Panji and the building of the railway station and the museum


Things to do in Purwokerto
Tourists can make several simple activities in the city fit the city is famous on the tourist map, such as swimming at the falls (Baturaden – Curug Belot) one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world
As well as tourists can attend Shadow Puppet Theater Offers (Grebeg Suran), which is held every year to mark the head of the Islamic New Year
As nature lovers, they can organize tours inside the forest (Pancuran tujuh) and then enjoy diving in hot water eyes


Food in Purwokerto
The city is famous several streets where the restaurants and kiosks fast food spread Perhaps the most famous dish (mendoan), which is the best flavor in every Java places without comparison, in addition to Soto Purwokerto famous and that comes peanut Zimkn flavored get it in my area Jalan Bank and Haji Luso

Accommodation in Purwokerto
There are limited places offer low-cost accommodation while most hotels and lodges offer medium offers or high so most tourists prefer to stay in (Baturaden) not only reasonable prices but there are many landscapes and waterfalls that can be visited in the morning

Jump to Purwokerto
To go to Purwokerto will need to travel to Jakarta, Yogyakarta from any international airport providing many of airline flights directly to these Almzairin guides (DIA) and from there can go through to Purwokerto

the train
You can take the train from Jakarta or Yogyakarta station and get off at the Purwokerto station with the knowledge that you will pay the fare word in all cases, the flight from Jakarta to Purwokerto takes 5 hours while only two hours from Yogyakarta

The bus
Some tourists also prefer the independence of available buses to move from the Jakarta or Yogyakarta and access to Purwokerto buses which lies just 4 km from the city center station, in this case advised bus ((Sinar Jaya that cut the trip from Jakarta in nine hours from Yogyakarta in 5 hours

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hotel deals in purwokerto


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