Tourism in Memory of Flores, Indonesia


Tourism in Memory of Flores, Indonesia


The city of Maumere is the largest city in the eastern province of Flores “Nusa Tenggara” in Indonesia, and although the city is not on the tourist map strongly but most tourists know her to be an important station for the travel and aviation in the rest of Flores area
Some tourists prefer to be concentrated in Mommere for ease of moving them to the rest of the places in Flores, with many tourist activities that can be carried out in the city, perhaps the most famous of mixing with the local population and to identify their life simple, and visit the fishing villages and markets, as well as diving in the eyes natural hot water, and the discovery of the caves and deserted beaches, villages Alhaikin is also a tourist destination famous in Mommere where they can watch the process of the local textile industry and traditional clothing that can buy a lot of them as souvenirs


Of the factors for the city of Mommere secluded beaches frequented by researchers for relaxation and recreation away from the bustle and noise of tourist groups and most famous of these beaches are major attractions
Ahuwair and Waiterang Beaches
Of the most famous of those who want to relax the beaches where there are only a few huts that can be rented, and not the entire beach cover electrical service and the Internet, making it the perfect place to hide and unity, though there are a number of games and water sports to do on the beach such as diving and discovering marine life


Gading beach
Known for “Gading” black sands beach exotic, and the lack of patrons with the power of the water stream and wave height, making it a great place to practice amateur surfing
There are also other tourist activities can be carried out, such as
Climb the peak (Gunung Egon) active volcano, which reaches a height of 5.5 kilometers and start climbing a process which takes three hours from the village “Bledat” and prefers to do so early in the morning to avoid the blows and sunburn


Tourists can also practice scuba diving in more than one place where they can see the whales and dolphins that abound in these places, especially during the period between the months of November and December
But if he wishes to get out of the tourist city of Mommere there are several places to go to and can be had, such as Bali, Lombok, Gili Islands can also visit Komudoa National Park famous dragon Komudoa to see and can access the park by air or by land

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