Tourism in Dieng Plateau, Indonesia

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Tourism in Dieng Plateau, Indonesia


Dieng Plateau known as one of the city’s debtors stop between Jakarta and Yogyakarta, which reserves the charm of the cities of the central province of Java in Indonesia stations
Dieng Plateau is located near the city specifically “Wonosobo” is famous among locals as the “Ding”, which was originally a plateau high above the ground at about 2,000 meters
Preferably the tourists go to the city of Deng Plateau to break the stereotype of refined tourism activities in the rest of the cities of Java province, where the city has a special atmosphere of excitement provided by being a hilly area and Heights Venture tourists to practice their hobbies stroll around the farms scattered among the hills or climb some mountains and stay amid fields farmers

 The best tourist seasons in Deng Plateau
Tourist season depends on Deng Plateau on weather conditions where the city is exposed to heavy rain throughout the months of November to March, which will last throughout the day without interruption, thereby hindering often movement and freedom of movement
So will visit the city in the dry period between the months of April and October are the most appropriate and best, with a peak tourist season between the months of June to August, and specifically is the period in which the city is filled with tourists


Of the things that must be considered when visiting Dieng Plateau in Indonesia that the atmosphere tends to be cold most of the period as a result of rise in the city from the sea so it’s best accompany all supplies such as clothing and heavy sleeping bags as most hotels do not provide central heating feature

 Tourist Attractions can be seen in Deng Plateau
There are many tourist sights frequented by tourists when they visit the city Perhaps the most famous volcanic craters at the top of the hills and mountains Prominent among these nozzles “nozzle Seiki Dyanj” and “nozzle Sillery
Some temples scattered around the city of the most famous temples, “Arjuna,” which gained her fame is no architectural value and also there but because it is one of the feet of houses of worship in Indonesia


It includes a series of temples “Arjuna” a different set of temples, including “Arjuna temple,” “Pima Temple,” “Temple City yaki”, due date of these temples to the eighth century AD, where inscriptions show that it was built in the era of “Sanjaya” Dynasty
Sights deals in Deng Plateau colored lake (Telaga Warna), which gained its name from the colors include blue and green on a page as a result of its water breaks rays


How to reach Deng Plateau?

You need to ride from Jakarta heading to the city of Barukirto train and from there could be flying the independence of the bus to the city (Wonosobo) and ask the driver to stop you intersection (Klenteng) and there are many flying minibuses to find Deng Plateau

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