Tourism at Mount Bromo in Indonesia


Tourism at Mount Bromo in Indonesia

Mount Bromo in East Java region a distinctive tourist attractions in Indonesia, gaining the towering up to 2329 meters, and charming panoramic view from behind the clouds that are of top
On the other hand, Mount Bromo is one of the active so far in the world of volcanoes, and therefore no closed places right in front of tourists and potential for danger at any time, and this is another reason why the mountain wonderful tourist area; Along with the excitement and mystery surrounding the mountain there are wonderful landscape of lava and sand eruptions that cover the place
In terms of mythology and superstition was Mount Bromo, Indonesia fertile material for many of the stories told by locals for the brave prince who shot himself in the crater to satisfy the angry gods and redeem the people of his village population, and still people are yet to renew the ritual throwing food and drink and money in the crater once a year in what is known Kasodo Festival


Site Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo is located in the heart of the garden (Bromo-Tengger-Semeru) national, next to the Mount (Semeru) in East Java, Indonesia area

 Why should you visit Mount Bromo
Tourism in Mount Bromo in Indonesia tourism outside the scope of the familiar scenes and the usual landscapes that can be viewed by tourists in more than one place in a repeater and boring, the volcanic nature of the place and the combination of beauty and danger make it a tourist visit an unforgettable experience

 What are the best times for tourism in Mount Bromo
Indonesia atmosphere characterized by mild throughout the year, making it suitable for a visit at any time of the year, but the best tourist season is between June and August when rainfall decreases, and the month of August is the annual deadline to establish “Kasodo” festival
Preferably the tourist chooses today’s most Shawwa to visit Mount Bromo while avoiding weekends to avoid the huge crowds expected


Tourist activities in Mount Bromo
The main tourist activity is, of course, will visit the mountain and enjoy views of the lava with the rest of the elements of nature, but it can be done in several other activities such as visiting the traditional houses of the local population, and visit the temple of the Hindu The Potenthat which is located close to the mountain in a pool of sand
Visit Mount Bromo include a trip to climb the summit to watch the sunrise from the highest point and the trip takes anywhere from an hour to two hours to catch up in Sunrise, which is at approximately 5:30 am


Food in the tourist area of Mount Bromo
Provides food in all the hotel and the surrounding mountain hostels, as there are also many small restaurants scattered around the place and offering local meals suitable addition to coffee local Javanese and prices called (kopi panas), and open restaurants down since three in the morning when the tourists start the flow to start climbing trip

How to reach Mount Bromo
Tourists can reach the Mount Bromo by landing in Surabaya International Airport, where the distance from the airport to the mountain about 70 kilometers and takes about 4 hours General tips when visiting Bromo

Tourists are advised to be accompanied with a coat and gloves to a likely drop in temperature at the top of the mountain

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