Sumbawa travel guide

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Sumbawa travel guide


Sumbawa largest area of Bali and Lombok combined with a twisted shape is the result of violent volcanic eruptions. It was called Gunung Tambora, which isolated the people of the west of the East Bimanese for several centuries. Even the native language closer to the language of Pali and Allombuc. More than the population of devout Muslims, so visitors should take into account the decency in their clothes, especially in the east

Until recently to some extent, there are two known reasons to visit this island: either to hire a boat from SAP in the Middle heading to Komodo (National Park), or to enjoy the high waves in Hoatihagrb country or on its southeastern coast. Improve air services in Labuhanbajo, Flores to make air travel easier and the most beautiful of them led to the absence of the first reason to visit Sombawaoho access to Komodo boat, leaving the surf

There are a few other things are relatively non-noticeable to do in Sumbawa. Use some of the rich and famous part of Pulau Moyo, off the northern coast as a place to escape from the fast lifestyle and get a quiet holiday. Moyo is also a nature reserve for the protection of forests and wildlife, and there are opportunities for trips


Places to visit in Sumbawa
Pato Tering
The hills east of Sumbawa Besar has a large stone coffins carved human forms and crocodiles. Pato Tering, just 29 km from Sumbawa Pisar- there are the royal tombs of the prehistoric times – and there are dark cave at Liang Petang 2 km
Pulau Moyo
Two-thirds of the island is used as a place up or alternative to protect the deer on the island, the wild bull 0.21 type of bat species and wild boars. Plants here ranging from savannah to dense forests containing teak, tamarind and banyan trees. There are two waterfalls. And one near the village of Labuan is the easiest trip. South of the island water is crystal clear and undisturbed reefs, perfect for divers, with a white sand beach off the island in Tanjung Manis

Moyo can be reached in about 45 minutes by speedboat from Sumbawa Besar. Instead, the fishing boats can be rented from Amnesty International in Bari. Simple accommodation available in Tanjung Pasir on the mainland. Amanwana luxury resort, villas with modified using class tent canvas, is also in Moyo. It is completely isolated, and bookings must be made in advance
Gunung Tambora
Climbing enthusiasts will find their goal in Gunung Tambora, where they will enjoy great views at an altitude of 2821 m and give form iridescent arc in the net today .abdo Calabai climb in a small town on the coast. It is very difficult to practice climbing for 3 days and there must be evidence
In Pima, there is a festival organized in the (martial arts), dance and other deals in the Sultan’s palace. In the bazaar (local market), you’ll see women keen to wear the Islamic veil stained that are unique to this region; unmarried women must cover everything except their eyes
The best hotels in Sumbawa
Amanwana Moyo Island Sumbawa Phone: 0371-22233

It can not be reached only by private yacht resort, Moyo Island, almost primitive, 15 KM off the coast of Sumbawa, and also Bhamehmah ground. Accommodation at the resort is a 20 ‘tents’ ultra-luxury. There you can dine in the open-air lounge, it’s all neat the highest degree of elegance

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hotel deals in sumbawa


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