Learn the coolest park in Indonesia

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Learn the coolest park in Indonesia

Fruit garden Mekasara

This beautiful park is located in Bokor in West Java has become now one of the favorite tourism where symbols, offering plenty of options for its tourists for the purpose of entertainment and fun and increase the culture around the fruit at the same time the park opened in 1995, has designed more than wonderful and an area of about 26 Hectarroymcnha the widening of the 15 thousand visitors and visit the most appropriate times to be in the month of August


The park was created in order to increase Remember the different types of fruits and vegetables in addition to the development of agricultural engineering group and many varieties of fruit and seed multiplication


Garden management organizes many tours for tourists, either on foot or by bus transporting small during their tours will see fresh fruit and tasted like pineapple, pomegranates, watermelons, bananas, apples, oranges, etc. The most important test will pass by these tourists are riding aqueous bike and boat long tail in a charming lake and do fishing and enjoy the process of rowing back and then go back and sit in the garden to eat their food as is available to ride another horse-riding enthusiasts can experience this sport


If you want allowed your children with you you can do so but do not worry because they will get the pleasure desired to visit this park where I’m circuit Aljdikh devoted a special section for children and where they will enjoy playing with slices of water that slides along the 18 meters and play in the lazy river in down to the pond beautiful tourism is also available they also have a place to learn a lot of information, such as planting trees and some types of plants and flowers


Entry prices
The price of an entry ticket per person 25000
The price of tours ranging from 25000-60000 per person

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